As sort of a whimsical joke during a discussion with some friends i mentioned it would be rather funny to have a battle royale inside an RPG style game where all the progress you made is actually stored from game to game instead of a clean slate. I mentioned one thing i dislike about battle royale games is primarily when you die you have to start over and re-queue. Many times i’ll make it into the top 10 or so and it’s a good game but more often than not I die more at the beginning of the game. HAHA cry moar nub.

I used to play last man standing games all the time, but usually the match consisted of 20 or so players so the wait time was relatively non existent. I thought it would be cool instead that if you die instead of game over, there are things you can do while your dead. Like crafting gear and weapons, practicing rotations. First and foremost i thought it would be fun as hell if you come back as a monster or undead. This kind of changes the aspect of a battle royale, you have to think twice before killing a bunch of people. they may just come back with a vendetta. So instead of a Battle royale mode it’s more of an Apocalypse mode where as more people die, more and more player controlled monsters will appear. Now the monsters should generally be weaker than the players but, with many of them working together to take you down for killing them it gets a little interesting.

So that’s kind of the gist of my Project, i plan to add other game modes like standard battlegrounds, arena and possibly if i can squeeze it in just simple Dungeon Master/ Party Campaign mode. I do plan to Hold more closed alpha testing soon, i will post news on that soon. For now here’s some juicy screenshots of the game’s development progress so far.